why do men hate women?

  • Hupie on Mening? Opinion?: “Men do not hate women, They hate themselves!Mar 3, 17:03
  • Mirjam Plevier on Mening? Opinion?: “I think men hate women because they are affraid of them. They wanna control them and owne them. And that is not what women want out of a friendship or a rekation.Feb 24, 09:43
  • Katerina on Mening? Opinion?: “AI (Chatgpt) says: It is not accurate or fair to say that all men hate women. The vast majority of men do not hate women, and it is important to avoid making sweeping generalizations or assumptions about any group of people. That being said, it is unfortunately true that some men may hold negative attitudes or beliefs towards women, and these attitudes can stem from a variety of factors such as upbringing, societal influences, personal experiences, and other psychological or emotional factors. However, it is important to address these negative attitudes and work towards building a more inclusive and respectful society where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. It is important to recognize that sexism and misogyny are not inherent or natural to men, but are instead social and cultural constructs that can be unlearned and overcome through education, dialogue, and activism. By promoting gender equality, advocating for women’s rights, and challenging harmful attitudes and behaviors, we can work towards a more just and equitable world for everyone. Political correctness overloadddd ahhhhhhhhhFeb 19, 22:11
  • Lydia Bogtstra on Mening? Opinion?: “Men conquer (ego conquiro). Therefore men live in fear, not in the moment . Interrelational to overcome fear behavior results in submission. To be able to submit ‘men’ manipulate energy (vrakti), vibration); fearfull men do so with every human and every object. Women as well. Note: these days it is not reserved to men in a body of a male. It becomes or is more a yang issue. Yin and yang in balance will lead to a higher chance of living in the moment Being aware in the present moment there is no fear.Feb 13, 19:21

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15 – 18 februari, 13:00 – 18:00

Installatie te zien in KochxBos Gallery

Installation on view at KochxBos Gallery

Art Rotterdam

08 – 12 februari, 11:00 – 19:00

Laat je mening achter, Sarah verwerkt ze in de installatie

Drop by at the installation, Sarah will put all the opinions on the installation

Short impression. Watch video here


Door sommigen wordt beweerd dat het werk van het feminisme erop zit. Maar dagelijkse seksuele intimidatie van vrouwen is zo verankerd in de samenleving dat we het vaak niet eens merken dat het gebeurt.

Ook wanneer een ‘gelijkheidsstrijd’ is gewonnen, kan deze sneller dan verwacht weer worden teruggedraaid. Er is geen beter voorbeeld dan de recent schokkende uitspraak van Roe vs. Wade.

‘Why do men hate women?’ is een installatie, onderzoek en interactieve performance. Een naakte vrouw/pop met de tekst ‘Why hate men women?’ over haar heen geschilderd ligt op een chaise longue in de bekende positie zoals we die kennen uit de kunstgeschiedenis.

De antwoorden zijn net zo belangrijk zijn als de vraag zelf. Sarah Maple neemt de antwoorden op via vox pop en via het blok ‘Mening?/Opinion?’ kun je (anoniem) commentaar achterlaten.

De antwoorden worden tijdens Art Rotterdam verwerkt in de installatie.


Some say that feminism’s work is done. But daily sexual harassment of women is so entrenched in society that we often don’t even notice it happening.

Even when an ‘equality battle’ has been won, it can be reversed sooner than expected. There is no better example than the recent shocking ruling of Roe v Wade.

‘Why do men hate women?’ is an installation, research and interactive performance. A naked woman/doll with the text ‘Why hate men women?’ painted over her lies on a chaise longue in the well-known position as we know from art history.

The answers are just as important as the question itself. Sarah Maple records the answers via vox pop and via the box on the right ‘Mening?/Opinion?’ you can leave comments anonymously.

The answers will be processed during Art Rotterdam in an installation.

Painting the doll of the installation. 8 February 2023.
And a flashback to the installation on Art Rotterdam in 2022.
The installation ‘Why Do Men Hate Women?’ at Art Rotterdam 2023.
9 February, 2023 Visitors passing the installation.
Plattegrond buitengebied / Outside floor plan

Flash back to Art Rotterdam 2022. Sarah Maple’s ‘Labour of Love’ installation, containing 650 original screen prints and a strong manifest on motherhood.

Sarah Maple wrote world wide’s first art comedy. It was broadcasted in 2022 by Sky Arts Channel and we can only hope that they will bring it to the rest of European television too.