Mening? Opinion?

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40 responses to “Mening? Opinion?”

  1. X Avatar

    I think men want to control women, consciously and/or unconsciously. And if women hate themselves, they are easier to control (and manipulate). Related terms: grooming of very young girls because their contemporaries won’t take their shit, gaslighting, weaponized incompetence (should I go on? ;-))

    1. Mirjam Plevier Avatar
      Mirjam Plevier

      I think men hate women because they are affraid of them. They wanna control them and owne them. And that is not what women want out of a friendship or a rekation.

  2. Lou Verhage Avatar
    Lou Verhage

    Ongeveer 50 jaar geleden zijn er diverse verworvenheden voor vrouwen bereikt, daar lijkt weinig van over; het lijkt wel of we achteruit gaan I.p.v. vooruit. Werk aan de winkel!

  3. Nadja Stauder Avatar
    Nadja Stauder

    It’s deep-rooted. Patriarchy and all the internalised standards it entails. But also the female figure that is portrait in movies as the evil or delusional woman may contributes to it. As well as jealousy, contrary to Freud’s belief, I sincerely believe men at times are jealous of opportunities, so called “privileges” and a woman’s freedom (from society) to actively express and feel their emotions.

    1. Wout Avatar

      Your last statement is very true. Men should be jealous for woman’s freedom and men need to speak up about it, but we don’t. Feminism has freed women from their classical gender roles. Before woman had one choice: to marry and take care of the children. Today woman have many choices. Men still have one choice: to work hard and provide otherwise society thinks we failed.

      Your first statement is very false. Men do not hate women and there’s nothing deep rooted about it at all. We shouldn’t brainwash people into believing that. In history both roles were subservient to providing for the next generation. The men in the role of protecter and provider, the women in the role of carer. It can be true that this caused for a patriarchal structure of society, since men literally had to die to protect their wifes and offspring. It’s not a proof of dominance of men over women. If men truly hated women, why hasn’t their been a single society in which men send woman to die in the trenches?

  4. Jesse Avatar

    I think that the problem is build deep into our biggest social systems. As our systems in the modern world are created by a mostly male dominated world. Even if things have changed in the recent 100 years, we, as everyone in those 100 years are still build on those social systems. So I think it only will change if our systems are changing and build by both males and females, and unfortunaly that still needs quite some time I am afraid.

  5. Carlos van Boven Avatar
    Carlos van Boven

    The men who do hate women should all flock together on a remote island and let all other people, the none-haters live in harmony, love and hopefully acceptance of eachother. Would make this place a better place.
    Beautiful artwork, felt a bit akward, nice seeing you again Sarah. Take care

  6. Henk Avatar

    Men don’t hate women, men are jealous at women

  7. Wout Avatar

    This statement is horrendous and utterly false. Men do not hate women. The stigmatization of all men as mysoginists or even rapists should stop.

  8. Peter Avatar

    It is simpel. I never had this idea of ‘why hate men women’ in my head. I do understand it as statement. Woman are in many mans head second or less because these men are afraid and stupid.

  9. Erna Avatar

    Men do not hate women. I think that men are afraid of women, especially when a woman get more autonomy or power. But fear is an emotion that men do not like. So they replace it by a kind of hate.

  10. Tamara Avatar

    To hate is a way to control, belittle and distance yourself from women (or whatever it is that) you fear. Coming from the oldschool penisenvy to seeing feminine qualities as future leadership necessity took a few centuries. Just like inclusivity, which ladies, also includes men. Let’s end polarization and embrace instead of hate.

  11. Vicky Pylorides Avatar
    Vicky Pylorides

    Because of thousands of years of patriarchy. It’s a shame because allowing the feminine to rise (and not just the rise of the masculine in women) will be of so much positive value for men too

  12. Kamanchi Avatar

    The Men and Women of this planet are a bell-curve of billions of individual behaviors… so ask yourself: do the words men and women accurately measure those billions of individual behaviors? No they do not and it is disingenuous to homogenize all women and all men under a singular meaning that has not been settled by either party. I think the only snarky disingenuous answer to this condescending question is: because women hate men.

  13. Rebecca Avatar

    Why do men hate women? Because they were brought up in a patriarchal society where they grew up to believe they had to protect and provide for women. But as women become more independent, they don’t need a man in their lives. Some men, who still believe women should depend on them, feel they’re worth nothing. This lack of confidence in their worth makes them hate women because they project their lack of self worth onto women.

  14. Brendan Jan Walsh Avatar

    Because MEN lack the WO(mb) to understand.

    And what they/you/we/many do not understand is consequently marginalised. Take environmental activism, LGBTQIA+, feminism or 600 years ago, so-called witchcraft.

    I’m currently looking at Goya’s “Witches’ Flight” (women rising!) and think the cowering men and donkey say a lot with their silence.

  15. Jacolinde Van Eck Avatar

    i analysed this question long and hard, my answer is: men hate women because women have more pleasure. and men envy this. that’s why they prohibited pleasure, especially for women.

    we have an organ purely for pleasure, which, if cared for correctly (which quite frankly is almost never the case), can take women to higher dimensions, minutes long ecstacy’s, full boduyorgasms, squirting, you name it. this is so mysterious, that men figured they cant control us unless they controlled our sex.

    men are so fucking horny all the time, but they dont experiem
    nce real pleasure, after a minute they come, and so they are never fulfilled.

  16. Holden Caulfield Avatar
    Holden Caulfield

    Because we’re afraid being rejected of were rejected by one.

  17. Peter Selie Avatar
    Peter Selie

    I’m sorry, but the statement that “men hate women” is a generalization that is not true for all men. In fact, it is harmful and offensive to make such a sweeping statement. People, regardless of gender, can have a wide range of opinions, feelings, and experiences with each other. It’s important to understand and respect individual differences and avoid making blanket statements based on gender.

    1. Sla Vink Avatar
      Sla Vink

      Good comment

  18. Karel de Grote Avatar

    I don’t think I personally do. But it might be something like not being allowed to show emotions or confide in people. Which means that you become much colder towards the world because some of us don’t really know what love (or something like love) is. Which is why incels exist. And I will never defend incels because ofcourse why would you hate someone because of gender, race, sexuality, etc. Because if you do then you are braindead and lack intelligence.

  19. Rotterdam Kunstenaar Avatar

    Some men hate many women. But I only recently discovered that manly women or tomboys are cool, because they drink beer, listen to the same music, spray paint, burp and wear baggy trousers, which isn’t very intimidating. Pretty cool!

    1. Knkaar Versilitia Avatar
      Knkaar Versilitia

      Thanks for replying

  20. Peter Louwe Avatar
    Peter Louwe

    Missing Reason

    Here All Dolls Do Want To Hate Me
    In the cold outside now waits she
    On that couch:

    Big eye
    A little provoking
    Titties. So no

    One hears – O, pity, pity:

    ‘How, my Lord, and when, where,
    Why will You Hate me?’

  21. Annelot Avatar

    Because they are afraid of the way we show our emotions.

  22. Truth lies in Contrast Avatar
    Truth lies in Contrast

    I think it’s the other way around.

  23. Sponse-bob Avatar

    The same reason why women hate men. Not able to show love in generaly and not able to practice intimacy..

  24. Karel de Kleine Avatar
    Karel de Kleine

    The same reason why women hate men.. a deficit of showing love and intimacy.

  25. M Avatar

    Isn’t it all about power, fear and control?
    Afraid to be overruled
    Afraid to loose power.
    Afraid to loose control
    Why have men always been able to ‘shine’? Bc a strong men has mostly a supportive strong woman, taking care of all the other shit, like a personal assistant. If a woman chooses for herself, who will takeover the classic historically determined tasks of a woman?

  26. Moulsari Avatar

    Because women have the power of creation, of giving birth — and nothing men will ever do can bring them closer to that divine power.

    That’s why the only women men don’t hate are their own mothers.

  27. Angela B Avatar
    Angela B

    I am a woman with a lot of masculin hormones and most of the time I don’t understand woman. That’s why I think it has to do with hormones. There is a bestseller book :men from mars and women from venus, it focuses on the differences between man and woman.

  28. Edwin Verreck Avatar
    Edwin Verreck

    It’s not ‘hate’ it’s LOVE!

  29. Pieter Vreugdenhil Avatar
    Pieter Vreugdenhil

    The assumption in the question, that all men in general hate women, is simply not true. Examine the proportion of men that hate women and you will find a small minority. Generalising that should go the other way, towards ‘In general, men do not hate women.’ Therefore, the question should be ‘Why do some men hate women?’

  30. Kamanchi Avatar

    Why Do Women Hate Men?

  31. J Avatar

    History tells you that woman are objects, empty on the inside, pretty on the outside. The more inside women show, the more there is to hate for men. (And vice versa)

  32. Paul van der Pol Avatar
    Paul van der Pol

    I don’t think that men hate women. I think they envy them, because women are much more powerful than men, especially mentally.

  33. Laura Avatar

    you “love” us but do you actually like us? Do you genuinely like us for who we are because you do not act like it

  34. Lydia Bogtstra Avatar
    Lydia Bogtstra

    Men conquer (ego conquiro). Therefore men live in fear, not in the moment . Interrelational to overcome fear behavior results in submission. To be able to submit ‘men’ manipulate energy (vrakti), vibration); fearfull men do so with every human and every object. Women as well.

    Note: these days it is not reserved to men in a body of a male. It becomes or is more a yang issue.

    Yin and yang in balance will lead to a higher chance of living in the moment Being aware in the present moment there is no fear.

  35. Katerina Avatar

    AI (Chatgpt) says:

    It is not accurate or fair to say that all men hate women. The vast majority of men do not hate women, and it is important to avoid making sweeping generalizations or assumptions about any group of people.

    That being said, it is unfortunately true that some men may hold negative attitudes or beliefs towards women, and these attitudes can stem from a variety of factors such as upbringing, societal influences, personal experiences, and other psychological or emotional factors. However, it is important to address these negative attitudes and work towards building a more inclusive and respectful society where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

    It is important to recognize that sexism and misogyny are not inherent or natural to men, but are instead social and cultural constructs that can be unlearned and overcome through education, dialogue, and activism. By promoting gender equality, advocating for women’s rights, and challenging harmful attitudes and behaviors, we can work towards a more just and equitable world for everyone.

    Political correctness overloadddd ahhhhhhhhh

  36. Hupie Avatar

    Men do not hate women,
    They hate themselves!